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Development Alliance came into existence to respond the Philippines Emergency Appeal in 2013. It started its journey as a charitable company to support UNICEF UK to raise fund for the children in the Philippines affected by the super typhoon Haiyan that happened in November 2013. We were able to support UNICEF UK to raise £1,271 in three months’ time from November 2013 to February 2014. The fund was raised collectively through individual giving by our supporters and friends. Thanks to our all friends who generously donated online or offline for that noble cause. Hence, Development Alliance came into existence to respond an emergency appeal with an approach ‘let’s do whatever we can do to help the needy people’ and commenced its journey to gradually build wider alliance for such charitable cause.


Development alliance is a charity that strives to provide relief aid and development assistance to the needy people and the communities all around the world but with main focus in Nepal. By mobilising the resources and through alliance with other development actors we provide relief assistance to the victims of natural or human created disasters. We campaign and advocate development issues at different levels and mobilise humanitarian assistance where needed. We focus to work for the people in their needs, hardship and distress throughout the world with the aim of improving their conditions of life.


As we are based in England, we work through our local partners. In Nepal, we have patners which include an NGO, a community schools network and a centre for mentally disabled children active in the earthquake affected areas to respond the relief and rehabilitation needs of the affected families. All our relief aid to the earthquake affected children and the families were distributed through our local partners. 


Following requests for further assistance for rehabilitation of the affected children and households, we have designed a programme entitled Rehabilitation of Earthquake Affected Children and Households in Nepal (REACH Nepal).



Current Activities


After mega earthquakes in April and May 2015 Development Alliance, like many other organisations, immediately started emergency response initiatives to help the quake victims and collected donations in cash and commodities. We sent a consignment of relief materials of 1000 KGs from UK which was distributed among the quake victims in Kavre district, one of the most affected districts. We raised fund and sent  to our local partners in Nepal to distribute additional relief materials. With the commodities and cash sent, we have been able to help 500 plus families with food packs, blankets and temporary shelters so far in Kavre district. Among them, 110 households received CGI sheets for roofing to build huts to protect their children and families.


We have also been supporting two schools for mentally disabled children in two villages outside the capital city of Kathmandu since before the tragic earthquake. One of these two centres recieved assistance from Development Alliance to buy new mattresses, bed sheets, quilts and other bedding stuff for the children to replace the worn off ones. We provided the other centre located in Kavre, Kharelthok assistance for a solar panel, kitchen utencils and repair of their hostel damaged by the earthquake.


Our Future Plans


As our immediate future plan, we intend to provide housing support for at least these 500 households to help them protect their children and families from being homeless and further affected. A volunteer team of engineers and experts of our local partner have worked out and come up with low cost plan and design of houses. As per the plan and design, we need to allocate £500 for each household which will cover building materials and accessories purchase and transportation and skilled labour to build a house and a toilet. The budget will also cover purchases of household equipment and utensils for a family. 


In the first phase, we intend to support for 110 houses in the first phase and make further efforts to help remaining households. We are now starting with the first 4 houses immediately with the fund raised so far for this purpose. We make our every effort to reach our target as soon as possible with the help of our generous donors and various fund raising events as well as sources.


People of Nepal are currently living in vulnerable situation created by the devastating earthquake that struck the nation on mid-day of 25th April 2015. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake measured on the Richter scale was followed by several strong aftershocks that are still continuing. As per National Emergency Operation Committee (NEOC), this disastrous earthquake has so far claimed lives of 8,859 deaths in the affected areas, and 8 million people have been affected in 39 districts and almost 600,000 houses of public people and Government houses are destroyed by as of 2nd May 2015 (NEOC). Detail


Sindhuplanchok, Gorkha, Dhading, Rasuwa, Kavre, Nuwakot, Dolakha, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur Ramechhap,  Sindhuli Makwanpur districts are the ones that are most affected by the quake.Besides, innumerable houses and buildings have either collapsed or are badly damaged in earthquake affected districts. In Gorkha district (epicenter of the first quake) and Sindhuplanchok Dolakha ((epicenter of the second quake) and Kabhre districts have almost 90% of houses and infrastructures are fully destroyedand/or not in usable situation. People are living in fear all the time and are compelled to stay in open spaces such as roads, farms, gardens, schools, public premises with or without any proper means of protection and shades.The rainy season and winter is coming very soon, therefore, the affected people are in urgent need of temporary shelter assistance.

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