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Now Nepal is devastated by one of the worst earthquake of 7.9 magnitude that hit on Saturday, the 25th of April 2015 and is occuring repeatedly since then. The catastrophy has taken lives of thousands of people and survivors among the victims have been injured. People are living outside homes with fears of any new hit of the quake anytime. Specially people who lost their loved ones, thier houses and who are injured are in urgent need of help. Although many international humanitarian assistances have been initiated, they will not be enough and every individual need to join hands to help earthquake victims. So, we appeal to extend hand and make every possible contribution. Please donate.


Development Alliance is active in the field in providing with the relief materials to the Nepal Earthquake victims. We are thankful to all our donors who have made cash and commodity donations generously to support our mission to help earthquake victims in their hard time. We are delivering our relief aid in collaboration with our partners Sarbodaya Nepal, Mentally Disabled Children Rehabilitation Centre, Kharelthok and Public Schools Network, Kathmandu Valley, who have been working tirelessly in the field. Our sincere thanks to our partners. 


G.I Sheets distribution


We have been able to support more than 100 most needy affected families in Kharelthok and Koshidekha VDCs of Kavre district  by providing GI Sheets to build their temporary shelters to protect their families from the rain which is about to start in Nepal. There are more and more requests coming in to support more families. We, therefore, have continued to raise fund to support them and would like to appeal for the donations. We will shortly be sending our additional assistance and will update the progress made.


Food Packs and Medical Supplies


We were able to ship a consighment of more than 1000 kgs of food materials and blankets which we had dispatched on 3rd of May 2015 by Jet Airways. We are thankful to Jet Airways for carrying our consignment free of cost in support of our mission to help the earthquake victims. The consignment has already arrived in Kathmandu. These relief materials have been distributed among the most needy families in Sathighar, Kharelthok and Kosidekha VDCs of Kavre district.


We received a support from our donors for food packs to the families and medical supplies. We are thankful to our donors for such a generous support. The food packs were distributed among 500+ families in Kavre district. Medical supplies were handed over to Sheer Memorial Hospital, Banepa. The medical supplies included the items as requested by the hospital. Such a hand out also included supplementary health food distributed by our volunteer team among the injured victims who are under their treatment in the hospital.


Helping affected school children and mentally disabled children


Relief aid for the affected school children and mentally disabled children is on its way. The children will be provided with educational materials to help them continue their education.


People of Nepal are currently living in vulnerable situation created by the devastating earthquake that struck the nation on mid-day of 25th April 2015. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake measured on the Richter scale was followed by several strong aftershocks that are still continuing. As per National Emergency Operation Committee (NEOC), this disastrous earthquake has so far claimed lives of 8,859 deaths in the affected areas, and 8 million people have been affected in 39 districts and almost 600,000 houses of public people and Government houses are destroyed by as of 2nd May 2015 (NEOC). Detail


Sindhuplanchok, Gorkha, Dhading, Rasuwa, Kavre, Nuwakot, Dolakha, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur Ramechhap,  Sindhuli Makwanpur districts are the ones that are most affected by the quake.Besides, innumerable houses and buildings have either collapsed or are badly damaged in earthquake affected districts. In Gorkha district (epicenter of the first quake) and Sindhuplanchok Dolakha ((epicenter of the second quake) and Kabhre districts have almost 90% of houses and infrastructures are fully destroyedand/or not in usable situation. People are living in fear all the time and are compelled to stay in open spaces such as roads, farms, gardens, schools, public premises with or without any proper means of protection and shades.The rainy season and winter is coming very soon, therefore, the affected people are in urgent need of temporary shelter assistance.

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